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Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic flowmeters

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Anything has shortcomings and advantages, use its advantages to play a role, especially when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then the disadvantages are ignored. Similarly, electromagnetic flowmeters have advantages and disadvantages. Let's understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of flowmeters. Nothing is the correct way to use flowmeters, and purchase suitable and applicable flowmeters based on the actual application range.

Regarding the advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters, they have good energy-saving effects and will not produce pressure loss caused by flow detection; based on the smooth and straight pipe of the measurement channel section and will not be blocked, it is suitable for the pulp and sewage measurement industry; its flow range and caliber range are very large Wide and other characteristics; the advantages of its flowmeter can be applied to corrosive fluids. There are many advantages of its flowmeter, and it is necessary to purchase a suitable style flowmeter in combination with the actual application range.

Regarding the shortcomings of the electromagnetic flowmeter, it cannot be used at higher temperatures; it cannot measure gases and liquids with relatively large bubbles; it cannot measure liquids with lower conductivity, such as the common petroleum products industry. Selecting suitable flow meters for the actual application range and meeting the requirements of industry conditions is also to ensure the accuracy of their measurement data and avoid inappropriate flow meters, which will lead to data gaps.

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