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Intelligent IC card water controller

The intelligent IC card water controller of Internet of things includes high precision magnetic valve water meter and M-BUS data communication module. In normal use, through real-time networking, remote reading, intelligent monitoring, regular inspection and other functions are realized. In addition, the intelligent IC card water controller adopts separate design, and the sensing area is separated from the base meter. The hot water controller can be installed in the water meter well, and the card swiping equipment is placed in the dormitory toilet.

Product features:

1. Support M-BUS communication mode; support Bluetooth communication.

2. The key chip position is treated with glue, which is waterproof and moisture-proof.

3. The valve can be shut off by remote or local channel.

4. Wiring construction, simple installation, low construction cost and simple debugging.

5. Different operating water prices can be set according to different water control modes and identities, and at least 10 water control modes can be supported.

6. The valve body of water meter shall be protected from strong magnetic interference.

7. When the equipment is offline, the platform will display alarm information.

8. Multi signal source combination operation technology and software anti-interference technology are adopted.

9. The unique identification number of each table can only be modified by special equipment.

10. If the water meter has a mechanical counter, the electronic reading and mechanical reading should be consistent.

11. There is no leap year problem and the time can be adjusted at any time.

12. Support to prompt the device offline, alarm, lock and other functions.

13. The valve can be opened and closed remotely.

Intelligent IC card water controller concentrator

Intelligent IC card water control computer water meter concentrator is a new generation of management concentrator developed by Hangzhou New Control Network Technology Co., Ltd. The concentrator has the functions of remote meter reading and remote upgrading. It has the characteristics of powerful function, simple use, stable operation, convenient maintenance, high reliability, large storage capacity, good openness and high cost performance.

Function introduction:

1. Remote real-time monitoring: after the device is connected to the remote server, it will report the data specified in the protocol through the data flow according to the set time interval; it can also issue control commands through the platform.

2. Reading meter at fixed time interval, reading meter according to the configured time interval, and reporting the meter reading data.

3. Remote parameter query / setting, terminal operation parameters can be configured through serial port, SMS and server.

4. Downlink data communication, data interaction with downlink equipment through M-BUS or RS232, so as to obtain the desired data.

5. Real Time Clock RTC, built-in spare button battery, power failure of the device does not affect the accurate operation of the clock, and multi-mode timing (flow data timing).

6. Remote upgrade function, using special upgrade tools, remote breakpoint continuous transmission can be upgraded. Support GPRS, RS232 upgrade.

7. Real time alarm reporting. When an alarm event occurs, the alarm information will be reported in real time.

Intelligent IC card water controller

Intelligent IC card water controller concentrator


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