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Product overview:

Jk-dmf series mass flowmeter is based on Coriolis principle to realize direct and precise measurement of fluid mass flow, without any conversion or correction of pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, etc. Its structure is composed of sensor unit and transmitter unit. The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the national standard of intrinsically safe explosion-proof type, and the explosion-proof mark is Exd IB II CT5 GB.

Coriolis mass flowmeter can directly measure the quality of fluid, with high precision (0.1% ~ 0.2), wide application range (can measure all kinds of non Newtonian fluid, slurry, suspension, high viscosity fluid, etc.), low installation requirements (not high requirements for the front and rear straight pipe section of the instrument), reliable and stable operation, low maintenance rate.

Product features:

1. It can measure almost all fluids, including high viscosity liquid, mud and multiphase fluid;

2. It can provide field mounted and rack mounted separate converters;

3. High precision digital signal processing makes the measurement accurate and stable;

4. The special detector isolation system greatly reduces the interference of external stress and vibration;

5. The simple measuring flow path is convenient for automatic emptying and cleaning, and can be used in food industry;

6. It can ensure high precision and high stability in large range;

7. Accurate density measurement;

8. Measure the concentration of solution, suspension and emulsion (such as water content, pure oil calculation);

9. Temperature range: - 200 ℃ - + 350 ℃;

10. High performance based on microprocessor;

11. Save the set parameters and cumulative measurement during power failure;

12. High Definition LCD display;

13. Different measuring tube materials can be selected;

14. Provide en, ASME or JIS standard flange, or as required.

Instrument parameters:

1. Applicable scope: applicable to the measurement of mass flow or volume flow of liquid, gas, liquid-solid and gas-solid.

2. Material of measuring pipe: 316L stainless steel or HAC alloy.

3. Pressure grade: 2.5MPa, 4.0Mpa, other high pressure can be ordered specially.

4. Medium temperature: 50 ℃ ~ +150 ℃ (can be customized: maximum temperature +350 ℃, minimum temperature -200 ℃).

5. Ambient temperature: sensor: 40 ℃ ~ +150 ℃ transmitter: - 20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃.

6. Flow measurement accuracy: ± 0.20%, ± 0.1% flow ± [(zero stability / flow value) × 100]% flow rate.

7. Density measurement accuracy: ± 0.002g/cm³, ± 0.001g/cm³.

8. Repeatability: ± 0.10%, ± 0.05% flow ± [½ (zero stability / flow value) × 100]% flow rate.

9. Output signal: load resistance of 4-20mA is less than 500 Ω (instantaneous flow or density is optional); 0-10kHz instantaneous flow pulse signal; 485 communication signal.

10. Explosion proof sign: ex D IB II C T5 GB.


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