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Product overview:

Based on the principle that the static pressure of the measured liquid is directly proportional to the height of the liquid, the static pressure is converted into electrical signal by the piezoresistive effect of diffusion silicon or ceramic sensor. After temperature compensation and linear correction, it is converted into 4 ~ 20mADC standard current signal for output.

The sensor part of the input static pressure level transmitter can be directly put into the liquid, and the transmitter part can be fixed by flange or fixed mounting bracket. The installation is very convenient. It is mainly used for the water level measurement of urban water supply and drainage, reservoir, river, ocean, oil tank, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant and other parts and the liquid level of open container, Alkali and viscous liquid can be measured. It is an ideal liquid level transmitting instrument in industrial process detection and control system of industrial and mining enterprises

Product features:

1. The high-quality sensor has high sensitivity, fast response speed, accurate reflection of the small changes in the flow or static liquid level, and high measurement accuracy.

2. It can be used in all kinds of dangerous places.

3. With anti blocking design, it can measure the liquid level of paste medium.

4. It is easy to install, easy to use and strong interchangeability.

5. It is convenient to read on site with 100% equal scale, led and LCD.

6. 4-20mA DC two-wire signal transmission has strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance.

7. Precise and unique zero point, temperature drift and nonlinear compensation ensure the accuracy within the range of instrument use conditions and good long-term stability.


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