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Product overview:

The diffused silicon pressure transmitter has the advantages of reliable operation, stable performance, convenient installation and use, small volume, light weight and high performance price ratio, which can be widely used in various positive and negative pressure measurement. The sensor signal is converted into 0-10mA or 4-20mA unified output signal by high-performance electronic amplifier. It can replace the traditional remote pressure gauge, Hall element and differential transmitter, and has the performance of DDZ - Ⅱ and DDZ - Ⅲ transmitters. It can be used with various types of moving coil indicator, digital pressure gauge, electronic potentiometer, intelligent regulator or computer system.

The diffused silicon transmitter is made of imported diffused silicon pressure chip. When the external liquid level changes, the pressure acts on the stainless steel isolation diaphragm. Through the isolation silicone oil, it is transmitted to the diffusion silicon pressure sensitive element, causing the output voltage of the bridge to change. After precise compensation technology and signal processing technology, it is converted into standard current signal. The change of the current signal is proportional to the change of the liquid level.

Product features:

1. It can be used to measure oil, water and paste compatible with 316 stainless steel;

2. High accuracy, high stability, imported original sensor, good linearity and high temperature stability;

3. Small size, light weight, easy to install, debug and use;

4. Stainless steel fully enclosed shell, waterproof ;

5. The pressure sensor can directly sense the pressure of the measured liquid level, which is not affected by the bubbling and deposition of the medium;

6. Adjustable, stable and reliable, anti vibration, anti shock, anti polarity, overvoltage protection, anti electromagnetic radio frequency interference.


  • photoelectric direct reading water meter
    Dn50-dn200 water meter
  • Input type liquid level gauge
  • Orifice flowmeter
    Orifice flowmeter
  • JK-DMF mass flowmeter
    Mass flowmeter
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