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product description

The three-phase guide rail multi-function electric energy meter adopts the latest designed dedicated digital integrated circuit and ultra-low power 16-bit MCU, using SMT technology and advanced equipment manufacturing, strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 control process technology and quality. Highly integrated design and various anti-jamming designs such as anti-static, lightning protection, transient interference suppression, etc. The key components are all low-power, long-life components of internationally renowned brands. Anti-deformation, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, good insulation and sealing performance. The performance indicators of this meter comply with the technical requirements for multi-function electric energy meters in the DL/T 614-2007, GB/T17215.301-2007 standards, and the communication protocol complies with the DL/T645-2007 protocol and its filing documents.

Function introduction

1. Accurately measure the combined positive and negative active power, the four-quadrant reactive power and the positive and negative active power of each phase;

2. It can set 4 kinds of rates, 14 time zones/day periods (8 sets), 30 holidays and weekly holidays, etc.;

3. With the function of recording the maximum active power demand, real-time measurement and processing of power parameters such as active power, reactive power, voltage, current, and power factor;

4. The data display adopts a large-screen Chinese LCD with a wide temperature range, which is convenient for manual meter reading and recording;

5. Time calibration function: built-in hardware clock, support broadcast time calibration;

6. Data storage: can store the one-way or two-way total electric energy and the electric energy data of each rate for the last 12 settlement days;

7. Data freezing: support daily freezing, instantaneous freezing, and power-on supplemental freezing;

8. High reliability, the electric energy data can be stored for more than ten years when the meter is powered off;

9.485 communication, baud rate supports 1200bps~9600bps;

10. Guide rail design, simple installation.


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