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Product description:

The rail mounted single-phase electronic active energy meter is a new single-phase two wire active energy meter developed by our company with microelectronics technology, special large-scale integrated circuit, digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology. The technical performance of the meter fully meets the relevant technical requirements of class 1 single-phase active energy meter in IEC 62053-21 international standard, and can directly and accurately measure the active power consumption of load in single-phase AC network with rated frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The meter is characterized by good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. It is widely used and equipped with convenient facilities

Function introduction:

1. 35mm DIN standard rail installation, in accordance with DIN EN 50022 standard, or plate front installation (installation hole center distance 63 mm), the two installation methods can be selected by the user.

2. The width is 75mm.

3. 7-bit LCD display, standard configuration 6 + 1-bit (999999.9kwh) display, 5 + 2-bit display can be selected.

4. Standard configuration of passive power pulse output (with polarity), can choose passive remote power pulse output (non polarity), convenient to connect with various AMR systems, in accordance with IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864 standards.

5. Three LEDs indicate power status (green) and power pulse signal (red), and yellow indicates RS485 communication indication.

6. The standard configuration does not detect the load current flow direction, and can be selected to automatically detect the load current flow direction, and is indicated by a separate led.

7. The single-phase two wire active power consumption is measured in one direction, which is independent of load current flow direction, and conforms to IEC 62053-21 standard.

8. Standard configuration S-type wiring (bottom incoming line, top outgoing line), direct access type, CT access type and Pt & CT access type can be selected.

9. Standard configuration short terminal cover, can choose extended terminal cover, to protect electricity safety.

10. With RS485 communication function, it can be connected with RS485 communication network for remote meter reading and centralized management. The communication protocol is standard configuration, and the communication protocol is optional (MODBUS-RTU or DL / T645 protocol).


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