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Product Description:

UUV-10 Jingkong Internet of Things Gateway (referred to as Jingkong PC) is a key device for data interaction between terminal equipment and Internet in the Internet of Things system. It is at the core of data collection and control in the connection of people and things, and things and things in the Internet of Things system. position.

It is developed based on wireless communication technology and industrial embedded software and hardware platform technology, especially designed for the complex environment of the industrial field, and meets the EMC test specification. The product supports Ethernet, WiFi and GPRS communication modes, 4-20mA analog data acquisition, 2-way power equipment sensor monitoring (power metering), 2-channel switch input and 2-way switch output. In many wireless communication fields, such as remote communication, on-site monitoring and so on, it will bring great convenience to your work.

Features and advantages:

The whole industrial chip design, working temperature up to - 25 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, support + 6 ~ 35vdc voltage, provide stable network communication for unattended scene in harsh industrial environment.

Low power consumption devices are used to save power.

Support TCP, UDP, HTTP and other network protocols.

It supports dialing communication between public network and private network, and supports chap and PAP authentication.

Support dynamic domain name resolution.

High reliability watchdog is embedded to ensure the self-healing function of the equipment.

Automatic maintenance of links, to maximize the network real-time equipment.

The device supports remote configuration and diagnosis.

The device supports remote firmware upgrade.

Precision Control Internet of Things PC UUV-10



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