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Product description:

Multi user electric energy meter is a kind of all electronic intelligent multi-user electric energy meter. It adopts the modular structure, takes the single-chip microcomputer as the core, and each household is equipped with an independent measurement unit to realize the functions of household measurement and centralized display. It can carry out the mixed measurement of single-phase / three-phase / single household double circuit / single household three-circuit.

For the situation that there are nearly ten or more households or dozens of households in the residential area, the centralized installation of multiple single meters in the stairwell will result in large volume, unsightly and uneconomical. Ddsh series multi-user watt hour meters can be small in size, easy to install, beautiful and generous.

The intelligent multi-user electric energy meter can have prepayment function and free basic energy setting function; the maximum load limit function can set the maximum load power allowed to the user through the instruction. When the actual load exceeds the set value, the meter will execute overload breakpoint for the user.

The ddsh series multi-user watt hour meter can not only supply single-phase power for individual households, but also supply power for three-phase four wire system. And in the same meter can achieve a variety of output: single-phase output, three-phase output, single-phase, three-phase mixed output.

The product has the advantages of high precision, small size, convenient installation, and is widely used in the power consumption measurement of industrial and mining enterprises, urban and rural residential areas, student apartments, rural power grid, old building reconstruction, high-rise building commercial real estate, campus, hospital, communication and other industries.

The products meet the standards: GB / t17215.321-2008 static active energy meters (Level 1 and 2) and JB / t10451-2004 multi user static AC active energy meters.

Function introduction:

It has two-way measurement function, accurately measures the electric energy in both positive and negative directions, and accumulates in the same direction, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of electricity stealing and leakage.

Use digital tube and led to display the household number, accumulated power consumption and remaining power consumption (prepaid type).

Record the power consumption of the user every 15 minutes and save it after power failure.

It has the function of clearing the table and backup the data for inquiry.


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